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Ironcastings S.p.A. was founded through the drive and determination of a group of entrepreneurs from Reggio Emilia, Italy, who had faith in the potential of a company with know-how built up through more than 50 years’ experience, excellent technology and an outstanding team.
These factors will enable the company to relaunch its operations, focusing on internationalising its business, supplying its products to domestic and international engineering companies, and meeting all the market’s demands, by producing castings using state-of-the-art plants maintained at the leading edge in compliance with all quality, environment and safety standards.
The company’s site at Reggio Emilia is 23,000 m2 in area, with buildings of about 10,000 m2.
Output includes engineering, ductile, austempered ductile and special alloy cast irons; this specialisation enables the firm to supply the top names in the automotive, hydraulic, liquid pumps, driveline and tractor industries.