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De Molli Giancarlo Industrie SpA


Leading manufacturer of patented hinges for industrial vehicles.

Giancarlo De Molli Industries S.p.a. was founded in 1948 as a simple artisanal enterprise dealing with the production of tools.

The founder, Giancarlo De Molli, immediately knew how to combine traditional values of the "know how" experience with the great potential of cutting edge technology.

In 1964 the production of hinges for motor vehicles began, starting with hot steel forming.

In the late '60s, De Molli Giancarlo Industrie S.p.a. acquires the first electric induction furnace that will revolutionize forever its method of industrial production.

Today, Giancarlo De Molli Industrie S.p.a. holds the leadership in hot and cold steel and aluminium manufacturing and forming, using mechanical and hydraulic presses, induction furnaces and other specific tools.