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Clamp connector

Clamp Connector


VIAR LOCK is a type of connection composed by two hubs, a seal ring and two clamps tightened by bolts and nuts.VIAR LOCK can be used in most of application of welding neck, with the following advantages:

  • Lower installation cost in 600 class and higher services
  • Minimized maintenance
  • Reduced cost during performance
  • High joint performance under the effect of external forces
  • High joint performance under the effect of thermal loads: the bolts are not directly involved by the process fluid and this minimizes the “bolt relaxation effect”
  • Lower torque requirements with no necessity of special tensioning tools
  • Self-energized and pressure energized seal ring
  • Reusable seal ring
  • Compact assembly
  • Quick assembly: 4 bolts on the clamp
  • No overstress of the connector during over-tightening of the bolt
  • No bolt holes to align
  • Few parts
  • Lighter structure

The VIAR-LOCK® is basically designed to offer the greatest reliability in the performance of the joint under the most severe and critical operating conditions.

VIAR LOCK is design is in accordance with ASME VIII Div.1.

Due to the implicit flexibility of the seal ring that allows to store elastic energy in the lip seals during the make-up of the assembly allows the joint to be adopted in piping systems which require high integrity of the seals, in corrosive or erosive as well as the most severe pressure/temperature cyclic conditions.

clamp connector


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