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Branch reinforced fittings

VIAR branch connections are designed fully in accordance with related Codes. Usually, ANSI B. 31 (3, 4, 8) are followed but on Customer's request. other Codes/Standards can be observed. Dimensions and finish are also meeting ANSI Std. B 36.10 and 19, for pipes, and B 16.25 for butt-welds. Socket dimensions and threads are in accordance with ANSI B 16.11 and B 1.20.1 respectively. Dimensions per DIN. AFNOR, etc. can be followed on special request. For each Std./Code, verifications data drawings can be available within 15 days from order reception as well as material certificates, generally to ASTM specs, rovided a proper request is made, preferably on the enquiry stage.


branch reinforced fittings


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