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Weight caclulator

 A fast easy-to-use tool to calculate the weight of your mechanical parts based on their geometric characteristics.

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Quickly convert Energy (impact), Tensile (strengths), pressure, temperature or length.

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Request a quote

Define the shape of your piece, send us an online request for quotation.

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 04/16/2020: The chemical analyzes provided on our site will be gradually updated following a technical problem and new information is now available. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this operation. The rest of the site is unchanged. Enjoy it as you are used to.

Do you have a need for forgings, castings or molded parts?

We can answer to your price requests, within the framework of the actual industrial needs, providing solutions in free forging of steels or copper, in stainless steel foundry, cast iron, steel and aluminum and bronze, in stamping and in centrifugation products but also in hot isostatic compression of powders.

Take advantage of our online tools such as our materials database or our weight calculation tool which will allow you to formulate your price request directly on our site.

During this period, despite we all are affected by exceptional measures dealing with the Covid-19 emergency, we remain at your disposal in the hope of a normal and safe resumption of our and your activities.

Marc Pescheux


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Carbon Steel and Alloy steel Copper and alloy copper Aluminium Cast iron GS and GL Inox Duplex & Superduplex


04/16/2020 - How not to speak of coronavirus?

Even if activity is slowed down by the necessary measures put in place to deal with Covid-19 emergency, we remain at your disposal with our partners.



6/4/2020: Sandvik Powder Solutions becomes MTC Powder Solutions.



3/13/2020 - We have a new partner: Investment casting foundry Nowak that we represent in Ile de France, Loiret and Eure & Loir.